Location versus Healthy home environment

Traditionally home buyers are obsessed with proximity to work, schools, and entertainment hubs. They are fixated with locations, which they believe is ideal for them. But would you choose a location which compromises on your health or would you pick health as a priority?

The pandemic literally made us gasp for air and it is a lesson we should not forget for a long time.

The world over, architects and planners are putting together some amazing concepts to create living and work environments which protects and nurtures one’s health.

Ventilation is an issue being addressed as more and more people spend time indoors with remote work settings and online education. New layouts focus ever more on free movement of air. HVAC and ACMV systems rely on air returns that are placed on the ceiling (making use of the fact that warm air is displaced upwards) thereby cycling aerosols upwards.

Designs compartmentalize occupation zones, from the potentially contaminated external space creating a buffer between guest accessible and private spheres. This further aids to contain transmission from visitors.

Increasing demand for outdoor spaces like balconies, terraces, and gardens are pushing architects to be more innovative with the use of space in home design. Biophilic designs and vertical gardens provide space for indoor plants for biofiltration and purification of air.

Contactless engineering promotes voice activated technologies which avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces like lift buttons or switches and taps.

The use of interior surfaces made from materials that reduce survival times of deposited viruses either due to inherent germicidal properties (e.g., copper) or due to designed antimicrobial properties have come in vogue. Easy-to-clean materials, and non-toxic paints are trending.

Exposure to natural light has proven benefits for mental and physical health. Keeping this in mind, architects are putting more focus on large windows, skylights, and open floor plans.

The homes of the future are not just structures, but also they are the sanctuaries that nurture your health. Now the question is: will you choose a prime location over a home that prioritizes your health and well-being?

Nupur Prasad (The author is a director at Primo Estates. You can write to her at nupur@primoestates.com )