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What motivated you to create an in-house movement?

There are many options on the market, and they come at very affordable prices. You need to be careful about what you offer. In 2009, we started to think about what people want. However, it was only in 2009 that we began to speculate. It is only when these pieces are sold that you can see how successful they will be.

We knew that we needed something different,replica chopard watches so we chose a manual movement with 10-day power reserve. It has a very asymmetrical dial with sub-seconds and large power reserve indicators to indicate how much fuel is remaining. Our goal was to make it as practical as possible. The movement is beautifully finished but without any fancy engraving or details.

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We have many subcontractors and a team of people who are working with us today. We didn't set out to make every component. You have to be able to adapt quickly to the technology.

It was a great success when Divers Sixty-Five was launched in 2015. You didn't expect the response it received.

It was made in 1965, as the name implies. It was not a cheap watch as it was a diver’s watch. In fact, it was our first diver’s watch. It was a significant milestone for our company, and we decided to re-examine it five years ago. It was a product we thought would appeal to vintage-styled buyers, but it turned out to be incredibly popular.Franck Muller Swiss Replica It was a great combination of design and timing, but we were surprised that it was so well received.

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We began to create different versions, and each was as successful as the previous. I can still recall showing you the green-dial model in London. I tried to speak to you about other novelties, but you refused to put down the Divers Sixty Five. It was a wonderful experience to see your reaction.

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