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Is it possible to have a problem when one design dominates so heavily?

You can't stop it from happening, but at some point you need to change your mind and move on to other designs. It is important to not overdo it. This is why we continue to introduce new models.franck muller replica watches Each piece is unique and keeps the design fresh. We are fortunate to also have the Big Crowns, Aquis and other signature models. Our in-house movements are also going strong.

franck muller replica watches is involved in ocean sustainability since a long time. Are you convinced that every company must take responsibility for their environment?

It is crucial. People who do not see the need to give back will soon be in serious trouble. Sustainability must be a corporate issue. It has to start at home, with the raw materials we source and the energy we use. This is a matter of paramount importance for both individuals and businesses.

franck muller replica watches Divers Sixty-Five has a special edition to commemorate World Clean-Up Day 2018. It features a strap made of recycled plastic

Eight years ago, we were the first watch brand to recognize the importance of protecting the oceans. We made our first Great Barrier Reef watch. Two watches have been donated to the Great Barrier Reef.Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Watches We also own the Staghorn watch which supports the Staghorn coral plantation project in Florida. If we do the right things, I believe we can fix problems. There is always hope, and everyone needs to spread that message.

Let's close by asking how the London pop-up shop on South Molton Street is performing.

It is clear that traditional retailing has been going through difficult times. You can still succeed if you engage with your customers and provide a better, more personal service. Although the London store had some initial difficulties, it is now a good place to call home. This space is dedicated entirely to franck muller replica watches and to learning more about our history as well as our watches. It is very welcoming and people love to explore the space. This is my belief that retailing will move forward.

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